English Schooling Chaps Size Guide

Explore our comprehensive Size Guide featuring full-size English Schooling Chaps, exclusively designed for Barnstable Riding. Crafted based on valuable customer feedback, this guide is tailored to assist you in finding the perfect pair of English Schooling chaps. Your ideal riding experience begins with the right fit – let our Size Guide be your trusted companion.

The Four Key Measurments - (Write it Down)

Measure over your pants!
Take measurements based on what you wear underneath your chaps. For example if you wear jeans, spandex, etc. take measurements with them on. When measuring make sure the tape is not too loose and not too tight.

  • Thigh - The most important measurment.
    If you measure size 22 for upper thigh then go with a size 23 on the chart.
    Too tight and your chaps will not fit. (we get a lot of customer returns for this reason)

  • Inseam - Take measurments from inner upper thigh / crotch area down to ball of ankle. (see diagram)

  • Calf - Measure around the largest part of your calf.

  • Waist -  Take your waist measurment.
    Now look at the chart, if you see a size 40 on the chart that means it will fit 3" above and below.
    That means the size 40 is actually a range from 37" to 43" if your waist is in that range, great!

How to Read the English Schooling Size Chart

Customer Measurements Example:

  • Upper Thigh 25"
  • Inseam 30"
  • Calf 16.5"
  • Waist 37"

  • Upper Thigh - Customer Measures size 25 for upper thigh.
    We recommend adding one inch maybe two and go with upper thigh sizes 26 and 27 on the size chart.
    This narrows down your best possible fit right away.
    Recommendation: Upper thigh that fits 1" or 2" above measurment. Size 26 (Large / X-Large)

  • Inseam - Customer measures size 30 for inseam.
    Look for a size 30 inseam on our size chart!
    Sometimes you can go above or below but thats personal preference if you want it longer or shorter.
    Recommendation: We would be looking at a (Large / X-Large and a short inseam)

  • Calf - If you measurement is 16.5" around the calf.
    Recommendation: Look for a size 16.5" to 17" on the size chart, half inch above measurment taken would be ideal.
    The measurments would now be a (Large / X-Large, short inseam, and Full Calf)

  • Waist - If you measure waist at a size 37.
    Recommendation: At this point you've already narrowed down the most important sizes on the chart. Sticking with size (Large / X-Large) which for the waist size shows size 40 on the chart.
    Since the waist belt can be adjusted the chaps will fit from size (37 - 43).
    Lets say you fit a pair of chaps but your waist measurment is potentially above or below the recommended size. It is possible to add a hole to the waist for a small fit or maybe an extension but typically the chaps will fit. Please do not alter our chaps if you plan on returning them!

Now that you have your size and understand how our chart works, check out our English Chaps and Western Chaps to see whats available.

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