English Schooling Riding Chaps

Find your perfect pair of english schooling riding chaps. Our english chaps are available in suede and leather. Take a look at what we have to offer but beware our stock is limited and we are no longer making anymore chaps. Please save yourself from having to return a pair and take the time to measure!

Measuring Tips for a Perfect Fit

Rule #1 - Measure Over Your Pants!

Take measurements based on what you wear underneath your chaps. For example if you wear jeans, spandex, etc. take measurements with them on. When measuring make sure the tape is not too loose and not pulled too tight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Customer: "I'm typically a small in normal departments stores but when i take measurments i'm Large on the barnstable riding chart. Is this right?"
Barnstable Riding: "Yes, we have a unique size chart disregard your fit regular department stores"

: "I measured a size 23 for upper thigh, do you think i can fit into a Medium?"
Barnstable Riding: "I suggest going up a size because there really isn't much stretch in our chaps, it takes awhile to break them in. I always suggest giving yourself an extra inch on the thigh. If you're undecided i always suggest ordering two pairs - one (medium) and one size up which is the (medium / Large). After you try them on we will send you a return label via email... We get a lot of returns when the chaps are too tight on the thighs. Give yourself an extra inch maybe two.